Maryland Grand Slam Program for Baltimore City!

Posted by: najirashid on Friday, September 4th, 2015

Effective September 2, 2015, Maryland is offering four special incentives (hence the name Grand Slam) for borrowers who are purchasing a home in Baltimore City. The Maryland Grand Slam Program in Baltimore City is open for reservations until the allocated funds for the grants are expended. The remaining balance of these funds will be posted daily in a flashing bulletin on Lender Online.


Incentives & Highlights are Listed Below:

First Base: the interest rate is 1/4% below the regular MMP interest rate for a conventional or government loan, whichever is applicable.

Second Base: $5,000 outright grant for down payment and closing costs from the state of Maryland.

Third Base: $2,500 outright grant for down payment and closing costs from Baltimore City.

Home Plate: $450 CDA Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) fee waived for an MMC associated with an MMP loan under the Maryland Grand Slam.


*Property must be in Baltimore City*

*Grants under the Maryland Grand Slam cannot be combined with matching funds from CDA Partner Match Programs*

*The entire city of Baltimore is a targeted area and therefore, someone buying a home in Baltimore City does not have to be a First-Time Homebuyer; however, they cannot own real property at the time of closing*

*The income limit for a one or two member household is $108,600 and $126,700 for a three or more member household*

*A CDA-approved lender must originate the loan*

*The maximum loan amount is $417,000*

If you have any questions contact me at 410-977-7176.

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marie snipe Says:
September 10th, 2016 at 10:35 AM

Hello. I writing inference to your first-time home
buyer program. Can someone give me a call at
410-419-4112 I have call many number with no one
returning the calls back.



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