National Association of Realtor Survey

Posted by: najirashid on Sunday, March 8th, 2015

Types of Homes Sold

67% residential 20% investment property 13% vacation homes

Home Buyer Demographics 

Average age – 44 Average gross income – $84,500 Married couples – 65% Single females – 9% Single males 8% Own a second home – 21% First–time home buyers – 33% Multigenerational households – 24%

Primary Reason for Buying a Home – Order of Importance 

Desire to own their own home Job-related relocation Home in a better area Change in family situation Need a larger home Desire to be closer to family/friends Retirement Establish a household Need a smaller home Financial security

Obstacles to Buying a Home – Order of Importance

Trouble saving for a down payment Too much debt High credit card debt Student loans Auto loans Childcare expenses Healthcare expenses Tight inventory of homes on the market

Type of Homes Purchased

Single-family home – 79% 3 bedrooms, 2 baths 1870 sq. ft. Age of home – built 1993 12 miles from previous residence

Where Homes Were Purchased

Suburbs – 50% Small town – 20% Urban – 16% Rural – 11%

Why Location Chosen – Order of Importance

Quality of neighborhood Convenient to job Affordable location Close to family and friends Convenient to shopping Quality of school district Design of neighborhood

Searching for Homes

Buyers saw 10 homes before buying Search time online/auto for 10 weeks Contacted FSBO Seller- 15% Online home search – 74% Real estate agent home recommendations – 53% Mobile apps – 34% Yard signs – 16% Open house – 12% Homes magazines – 2%

Value of Website Features – Order of Importance

Photos Detailed property information Interactive features Virtual tours Neighborhood information Comparing listing to sold homes Bio of real estate agent Videos

Mobile Devices Used when Searching for a Home

iPhone – 52% iPad – 46% Android phone – 27% Mobile app – 27% Different tablet – 10% Windows-based computer – 6% QR code – 3%

How Home Buyers Prefer Agents to Keep Them Informed – Order of Importance

Personal phone call Send property info as soon as properties are listed Email Market reports on recent listings/sales Text messages Website pages Mobile app to keep them updated on listings Newsletters Facebook/Twitter Blog pages

Real Estate Agent Use

88% purchased home using real estate agent 67% interviewed only one agent 20% interviewed two agents 12% interviewed three or more agents

How Buyers Found Agent to Work With

Referred by family/friend – 40% Used agent they worked with before – 12% Found agent online – 19%



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